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Eyelash Extensions Natural Set


Enhancing your eyes with our Natural set delicately adds a touch of elegance to your natural beauty, leaving you feeling confidently pretty .


Elevate your beauty with our Mixed set, a uniquely pretty look that enhances your eyes with a perfect blend of natural elegance and enchanting beauty.

Eyelash Extensions Mixed Set
Eyelash Extensions Volume Set


Embrace the fullness of your natural beauty with our Volume set, enhancing your eyes with our luxurious lashes to unleash your true beauty and confidence.


Experience your ultimate beauty with our Enhanced Volume set, as it transforms your eyes with luxurious fullness and dramatic volume, delivering an instant touch of glamour.

Eyelash Extensions Enhanced Volume Set


Appointments can be made via text message or email. All confirmations are sent via text message. Please click here for more details about our company policies on scheduling an appointment.

Any inquiries made after 7:00 PM will be replied on the next business day. For first time inquires, please kindly leave us your full name, phone number and the eyelash extensions service desired and our team member will reply your inquiry as soon as possible. Thank you.

*For details on our refill and new client touch-up services policy, please visit our Refill Guideline page.

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